About CMI

We believe that our value is defined in our creativity, artistry and equipment as well as in the way we conduct ourselves as we film your wedding. Our first rule is to be non-intrusive. We are always mindful that your wedding is not a production shoot but a celebration, a joining of two families, as well as to many, a religious event.

We feel that it is our responsibility and the responsibility of the other vendors, to insure we in no way take away from the feel or mood of a wedding. Because of this we do not bring equipment that is overly intrusive, or turn on bright camera lights, we do not step in front of a guest to get a shot or following the couple around putting cameras in their faces, nor do we get on the dance floor to film the couple first dance.

When we film we feel it is important for our cameraman to fade into the background of the wedding, so that as we film, the couple begins to relax & forgets that we are even there. That’s when the magic happens. We are filming not just images, but feelings and emotions. Our videographers understand and respect what the photographer needs to accomplish and we work with them to make sure that both of us get what we need for a successful wedding album and wedding video.

This year we are offering a new type of video called the “wedding film”. This is for the bride who wants a longer wedding day film of the most stunning wedding day footage. We give you two styles to choose from documentary style or cinematic style, or you can mix it up and we will customize a package just for you.



Our Staff

Chad Shaw



Chad - Cameraman, Audio Specialist, Lighting Specialist, CMI owner

Chad got his first camera at age 12 and learned how to use his Father's darkroom. As soon as an events starts to unfold, Chad is off  capturing what might otherwise be fleeting images and emotions.

Chad looks for the tiny details that capture the feelings of the bride and groom and mood of the very special day. More than often, it is the little things that get forgotten, but they have been recorded forever in the wedding film. Every time the wedding film is played it invokes those same emotions, reminding everyone of the love and energy from that day.

During the winter, Chad works with ESPN, Discovery, NBC, and The Food Channel; traveling both within the US and abroad. Last Year, he filmed the Skiing for the European Open in Switzerland and a TV syndication project in Korea.

Walter Mather



Walter - Cameraman, Editor, Producer, Photographer

Walter & Chad met in the 8th grade, they discovered they both saw the world through the same lens and that they shared a love of nature, photography and skiing. After college, he moved to Wyoming, where he obtained a much-sought out position under the famous wildlife photographer, Thomas Manglesen, with Images of Nature.

Several years later Walter moved back to Vail where he met his wife, Melissa, within a few years his family had grown with the births of 3 beautiful boys and a little girl. Walter’s life was about to change again when he moved his family to Los Angeles. He was hired as a personal assistant to renowned film producer, Steven Spielberg. At this point, Walter changed his career path to film. Walter is passionate, creative and loves the challenge of filming live events.

Jan Williams


Jan - Executive Producer and Wedding Production Manager

Jan brings 25 years of experience as a business owner, consultant and sales executive to CMI. Jan is passionate about “her brides” and is relentless to make sure they receive the wedding video they have imagined. Jan works with each bride, their Mother, future Mother-In-Law and their wedding consultants to verify every detail is handled correctly. She is the first one asking to see the wedding footage because she wants to see “The Dress” the bride wore. Brides call her years later letting her know when their first baby is born. She really loves her brides & loves what she does. Jan is energetic, detailed and will go beyond the call of duty. We are sure you will enjoy working with her as much as we do.

Natale Retzlaff



Natale - Producer, Cameraman, Editor

Natale is the newest member of our staff, and we are excited to have her on board. Natale has a BFA in film production and, while she enjoys all aspects of production, her real passion is editing. She likes to take raw footage and creatively weave it together to tell a story.  She is one of our two producers at CMI. Natale is a skilled cameraman, and she truly enjoys when the opportunity arises that she is asked to film a wedding.

Jared Hadden


Jared - Cameraman, Editor, Musician, Audio Technician

Jared came to the mountains from Louisiana with over 10 years live broadcast experience. From playback, audio, camera operator, motion graphics, director and producer of live events, Jared has worn many hats that gives him an expertise in preserving those precious memories. He takes pride in capturing and recreating the feel of your event. Clients often call back after sharing their wedding day with Jared, saying what a pleasing personality he has, that truly put them at ease.

Jeff and Molly Brown

Jeff and Molly


Jeff and Molly Brown - Cameraman and Editor Team

Molly and Jeff Brown recently relocated to Colorado from Florida, where they ran a very successful video production company for many years.They have brought their creative touches to team with Creative Mountain Images and have been enjoying the new scenery as well. They are a fun couple and have a knack for putting people at ease the moment they meet. It's not only true love for them, but they truly love shooting and editing weddings!

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