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Apr 22
Photo Credit : Toni Axelrod

We film emotions

not just images.

When you include the award winning videography of

Creative Mountain Images, you will make your wedding day

memories last a lifetime! 

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About CMI

We believe that our value is defined in our creativity, artistry and equipment as well as in the way we conduct ourselves as we film your wedding. Our first rule is to be non-intrusive. We are always mindful that your wedding is not a production shoot but a celebration, a joining of two families, as well as to many, a religious event.

We feel that it is our responsibility and the responsibility of the other vendors, to insure we in no way take away from the feel or mood of a wedding. Because of this we do not bring equipment that is overly intrusive, or turn on bright camera lights, we do not step in front of a guest to get a shot or following the couple around putting cameras in their faces, nor do we get on the dance floor to film the couple first dance.

When we film we feel it is important for our cameraman to fade into the background of the wedding, so that as we film, the couple begins to relax & forgets that we are even there. That’s when the magic happens. We are filming not just images, but feelings and emotions. Our videographers understand and respect what the photographer needs to accomplish and we work with them to make sure that both of us get what we need for a successful wedding album and wedding video.

This year we are offering a new type of video called the “wedding film”. This is for the bride who wants a longer wedding day film of the most stunning wedding day footage. We give you two styles to choose from documentary style or cinematic style, or you can mix it up and we will customize a package just for you.


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